Poly – who?

I have no idea why I’m starting a blog post instead of studying for my Environmental exam that I have tomorrow. I’ve been in college for three years now! I should know better right? Wrong. Because here I am, typing away.
The good thing about college is that I don’t have the class until 12:45 – fuel for procrastination.


I’ve been rolling the idea of polyamorous relationships around in my head lately. Wondering if they are actually possible. Could I love, say, two people at once, and trust them to love me back? I’m sure jealousy is a factor, and distributing affection equally. But could I ever be in a relationship with two other people? I’m finding that as hard as I think it could be, with my tendencies towards jealousy, I’m not opposed to it. Under the right circumstances it could even be fun, and a healthy experience. Which isn’t to say I’ll ever find the right circumstance to test out my theory. 
Then again, maybe I’m just too much of a jealous bitch for a situation like that. 

Just a thought.

~Hannah Morgan



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4 responses to “Poly – who?

  1. i dunno, the jealousy thing would get in the way at some point i think. either from you or one of the two other people. the whole ‘no-strings attached’ would fail at some point and someone would fall too deep. it’s inevitable!
    that’s just my thinking though.


  2. I think the weird thing is that a lot of polyamorous couples don’t do the “no-strings attached” thing. They have serious relationships – just 3 people instead of 2. Which is something I’m trying to wrap my head around. Jealousy is a huge factor, I’d imagine, but if there was a balance, or an understanding established…it could be dealt with. Maybe.

    Granted you know me, and MY jealousy would probably prevent me from ever actually participating in something like that.

  3. I know someone who’d been dating a man and a woman at the same time: living under the same roof etc. It ended. Ugly.

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of stories that turn out ugly. Much more prominent than the non-ugly ending ones.

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