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Rustic Alaska

Getting over Cry-Baby is proving to be a difficulty. Ready. Set. Slowly Go. We talked again, and we’re finally on the same page. Heart broken and accepting. 


Saturday is going to be great. A friend and I are going to trek to my hometown to see his brother’s play. And while we are there, we are going to pretend to be newlyweds house hunting. Our story? 

My ex and I traveled to Alaska, and while there we got into a HUGE fight. After breaking up with him I stormed out into the Alaskan wilderness. In my frenzy I got lost, took a wrong step, and twisted my ankle. I thought I was going to die, when out of nowhere a beautiful Australian Shepherd comes over to me and saves me with his warmth. An hour or so later along comes the owner, an Alaskan native in the business of rescuing damsels in distress. It was, needless to say, love at first sight. He helped me hobble to his cabin in the forest, which was a manageable distance away. We spent the night talking and laughing, and we realized how perfect we are for one another. Despite the perfection, I had to go home to Clifton Forge, Virginia. 
Some months later he showed up at my doorstep, after hitchhiking with his dog Slater all the way from Alaska to find me. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, we’re engaged. And now we’re moving to North Carolina so I can go to Grad school, and we need to find a house. SO…house hunting! 


The Romantic Alaskan Cabin


How fun! I’m definitely not an actress, so this will take a lot of rehearsing.

~Hannah Morgan


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