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How Risque.

Have you ever thought of posing nude for art?
How about photography?
Now, how about posing for an X-Project?
Let me explain. Venturing into the modeling world is tricky business. It was one thing to have my ex take pictures of me, but now I’m trying to get out into the reality of the modeling world. And I’ve recently been asked to partake in the X-Project. Which is, essentially, showing my sexual kinks on film – photography film. Not posing. Action, baby.

Now, my gut reaction is “no freaking way.” But the rational behind the project actually makes sense. People spend too much time not addressing what they want. It’s taboo. It’s dirty. It’s…private. Okay, I get the private part. But if you want something, communication is the key. Key to satisfaction, satisfaction!
The decision on the project, for real? I’ll keep my kinks away from photographers I hardly know.

I forgot Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. And I’m apathetic about it as a “holiday.” Last year went fairly well, and this year will too. I’m going bowling and to play pool with the Poet, whom I’ve only met once over the past three years. It’s nothing romantic. We planned it without the awareness that our hanging out coincided with the dreaded “day of love.”
And it’s just a day, right? A day like any other. A day when I’ll have fun with a new friend and do my best to forget about fabricated love celebrations and chocolate. [Dammit – is my bitterness seeping in?]

In other news, never again will I base my procrastination on the weather. Weather.com said it would snow, so I didn’t go to sleep until 4 am. Much to my surprise, I woke up to a sunny – and relatively warm – winter morning four hours later. Just in time for my 9 am class.

Zooey Deschanel is just the cutest girl. I love her to bits in Tin Man.


~Hannah Morgan


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